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I am an academic and commentator on Indigenous affairs. I identify as both Aboriginal and Australian. I believe that the current popular ideologies which portray Indigenous people merely as victims of history and White Australia (the invasion and racism) should be challenged.

Based on my experience in the area of Indigenous health and wellbeing, I am of the opinion that these dogmatically held beliefs are doing as much damage to indigenous people as drugs and alcohol.


I strongly believe that the only way we will ‘Close the Gap’ between disadvantaged Indigenous Australians and the rest of the population is by ensuring that all Indigenous people have access to the opportunities that most Australians take for granted. To achieve this requires us all to focus on the commonalities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people as a starting point, and abandon the myth that Indigenous Australians are deeply culturally different from other Australians. Certainly differences should be recognized, but only after recognizing the commonalities. 


It is vital that we have open dialogue on the issues which have remained hidden under a veil of silence for too long, such as family and communal violence and substance abuse. 

My opinions on Indigenous affairs are sought by the social media as they are logical and not constrained by preconceived notions of victimhood, or by political correctness. 


I am happy to be contacted by researchers and students, investigators and journalists, and all who are interested in Indigenous health and wellbeing, race relations, Indigenous housing, employment, and education. 

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