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People Making a Difference

From the Bush

Milton James 

President & Founding Organisational Director

About From The Bush

From The Bush Projects is a not-for-profit organisation comprised of employees and volunteers who are committed to addressing systemic disadvantage faced by Indigenous Australian youths. The organisation was previously called Boys From The Bush, but is undergoing a formal name change to accomodate the inclusion of females in the projects.

Access "From the Bush" website here

Established in 1997, Wunan’s purpose is to ensure that Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley enjoy the capabilities and opportunities necessary to make positive choices that lead to independent and fulfilling lives.

Essentially, to have dreams and a real chance of achieving them.

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Aboriginal people succeeding through ability, opportunity & reward for effort

Holly-ann Martin

Winner of the CALI Award

The Centre for Independent Studies seeks to encourage and provide independent, fact based practical research and encourage/provoke debate that promotes liberty, the rule of law, free enterprise and an efficient democratic government.

Since 1976, the CIS has produced valuable research that has shaped and influenced public policy. Our overall research agenda is set by our Executive Director, in consultation with the research staff, and the CIS Academic Advisory Council.

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In 2007 Holly-ann volunteered in 2 remote communities in the Kimberley after reports of major child abuse cases covered the front  page of the West Australian newspaper.

It was from that experience she realised the need for more resources specific to the needs of Aboriginal children in remote communities. Holly-ann believes that everyone deserves the right to feel safe and delivers critical Abuse Prevention Education.

Read more about Holly-ann Martin here

In the mid 1980s it was just about the biggest story Queensland had seen.

“The Commission of Inquiry into Possible Illegal Activities and Associated Police Misconduct” - aka, the Fitzgerald Inquiry, a judicial inquiry presided over by Tony Fitzgerald QC.

It probed the very murky world of Queensland Police corruption during the vicious and autocratic Bjekle Petersen years in Queensland.

Read more about Colin Dillon here

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