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Northern Territory Intervention

Intervention Arguements

The claim that "Evidence backs intervention" (The Australian, November 11) is sure to attract criticism from the anti-intervention campaigners.

There is certainly evidence against the intervention, something I believe should be addressed. However, there is also evidence that some kind of intervention was warranted, and that also should be addressed. 

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Intervention opposition: it's time for realistic discussions

The debate on 'Stronger Futures' (aka the intervention) has been adjourned until at least June 18. This will likely be good news for those who oppose it, but they need to make their concerns known within the small window of opportunity given.

Concerns and criticisms should be made clear and specific (avoiding vague rhetoric) and published in a suitable forum for everyone to see.

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Indigenous intervention: we need action over mourning

Indigenous leaders have expressed their anger over the Stronger Futures legislation. They have 

even declared a day of mourning to show how much they oppose the continuation of an 

intervention to address the problems facing many Aboriginal communities in the Northern 


So why is it that some Aboriginal leaders are angry and are in mourning?

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