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Claims of Racism More Damaging than the Real Thing

It is time for some plain talk about racism vilification offence hurt feelings and personal

 responsibility given recent discussions about section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Jeremy Jones of the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council recently wrote in The Australian

“racism is, unfortunately, a reality in contemporary Australia”.

That is true. But does that mean Australia is a racist country? There is a huge difference between

saying that racism exists in Australia (as it does in most countries) and that Australia is a racist

country. The question we should be asking is: how frequent and sever e is racism in Australia?

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Closing the Gap Must Refocus

THE government's initiative to close the gap between Aboriginal and non Aboriginal

Australians is wellintentioned. However there is an immediate problem with this initiative

that is rarely discussed when addressing the disadvantage suffered by Aborigines: only

some are in need of urgent assistance to help them attain a standard of living that most of

us take for granted.

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Crying 'Racism' for a Free Kick

When the dust settles and the Goodes Affair fades from the front pages we may once again be able to enjoy football's innocent pleasure. Well, some of us. Count on the race hucksters whipping up some fresh faux outrage to obscure Aborigines' genuine problems and keep their names in the headlines.

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Racism towards Indigenous Australians

Given the well documented association between racism and Indigenous Australians’ health

and wellbeing, it is important to raise awareness about racism and introduce strategies to

eliminate it, where it exists.


But is it too commonly assumed that racism is a major contributor to problems of Indigenous

Australia when it is not? Consider the current controversy surrounding the proposals to cease funding some remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia, with some commentators suggesting the proposals are linked to racism.

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Section 18C Racist in Only Allowing Minority Groups to Speak Out Freely

IT is unfortunate that some people such as Australia’s father of reconciliation Pat Dodson 

conflate the right to express opinions on matters involving race with racial hatred (The

Australian May 28 2014). The topic of free speech impacts on all Australians not just minority

groups and should be discussed openly.

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The Power of Victimhood

A perverse comfort and an enduring curse, the argument that Indigenous Australians will be forever oppressed is a tragic and self-fulfilling prophecy, one that benefits only grievance mongers and their enablers.

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There are Bigger Issues at Stake than Racist Taunts

All I know about Eddie McGuire and Adam Goodes is what I have seen on television. I find them both to be likeable people. I do not think for one minute that McGuire intended to be nasty towards Goodes. The public has been tough on McGuire, and he has been tough onhimself.

Why? For the usual reason: we make others feel guilty so we don't have to face our own guilt; and we all carry guilt of some sort.

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Too Quick to Take Offence

The contentious issue of Aboriginal identity has come up again with people getting upset

because certain words were spoken that were deemed racist.

We live in an age where people can be offended by almost any word or phrase, particularly if is

there is some social mileage in it for them or a financial gain.

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Was Bill Leak's cartoon racist?
Was Bill Leak's cartoon racist?

On seeing Bill Leak’s cartoon in this newspaper yesterday morning, I was relieved and thought:

“He gets it and is able to communicate it so others will listen. Thank goodness he does.”


Leak was referring to the havoc that alcohol abuse and irresponsible parenting are having on many Aboriginal children today.


In the past, through his cartoons, Leak skillfully has highlighted the broader problems facing

Aboriginal Australians. His latest instalment is another timely reminder to stay focused on what

matters most.

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The Oh-So-Easy Habit of Taking Offence

Now that the dust has settled on the outrage at Bill Leak’s cartoon highlighting the ongoing problem

of child neglect in some sectors of the Aboriginal population, I thought I would add my response.

First, to those who yell “I’m offended”, as if it that means that your chosen offence (and yes, it is

chosen) is an objective and reliable indicator that the cartoon is “racist”, it is not. What your reaction illustrates is how keen you are to see racism where it is not.

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Sorry, but not everything is racist

CLAIMS that Australia is a racist country, particularly against Aborigines, are common. What is less common is good evidence to support the claims.

In a speech for National Reconciliation Week, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten spoke of the prevalence of “systemic racism” in Australia but ­provided no evidence.

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