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Adam Giles

Former Chief Minister

Northern Territory

Addressing the problems facing Aboriginal people requires discussing some tough issues – issues that many are uncomfortable with. I am pleased that more and more people are discussing these issues. One such person who is not afraid to tackle the tough issues is Anthony Dillon. I applaud him for his commitment to improving the lives of Aboriginal people.

Professor Peter Sutton

Author of "The Politics of Suffering" and "Farmers or Hunter-gatherers?: The 'Dark Emu' debate"

Anthony Dillon's contributions to the national debate are marked by courage, clarity, and consistency. When past ideals become wobbly in the face of experience, we need new definiteness while somehow escaping the confines of ideology. Anthony is a handy pragmatist for this era.

Nigel Scullion

Former Minister for Indigenous Affairs

Nigel Scullion

Former Minister for Indigenous Affairs

Bess Price

Former Minister of the Crown, NT

Working in the Indigenous space is tough, and few would know this better than I. The work is hard and the politics can be brutal. It does take a person of strong character with real world experience to navigate their way through the Indigenous space, and Anthony does this considerably well.


His work as a public intellectual advocating for Indigenous people places him in an ideal position to effect positive change for Indigenous Australians, most particularly those in rural and remote areas where Indigenous suffering is most profound and has been most intractable.

The problems we face are complex. There are no easy answers. Too much of the debate is politically driven and has been dominated by shallow ideology that gets nowhere near the truth. This is literally killing our kids. Far too much of it is dominated by city based activists who know nothing about us and who care far more for their own political goals than they do for the lives and well being of our kids. Anthony is not one of those. He is honest, a determined researcher who is committed to the truth.

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