Being Positive

Mick Gooda, when discussing Aboriginal affairs has stated that “While it’s easy to litanise the disadvantages, the injustices, the denial of rights and the oppressions, we must not forget the progress.” Further, Tom Calma has stated that “I’m a glass half full person.” I think people like Mick and Tom are in the majority when it comes to Aboriginal affairs. There has been much progress and we should acknowledge it and build on it. While reporting the negative stories, the injustices, etc. (which need to be reported on), let’s not forget to publish and promote the positive stories. When we recognise success, we are then able to replicate it and instil hope in those who are lacking in it. Ther

Listening with our Hearts

One of my favourite philosophers, Anthony De Mello, said that people are not so much afraid of embracing new beliefs as they are of letting go of old beliefs. That is, it is their reluctance to let go of an old belief that prevents them from embracing a new belief. The new belief or idea may be better than the old one, but it is human nature to want to hold on to a familiar belief or idea – even when there is growing evidence that it is wrong. Interestingly, De Mello is man who faced opposition from within the church because his beliefs went very much against the grain: he was considered a heretic and a threat to many in the church. Nonetheless, he was very popular with broader audiences. Co

It's Killing Aboriginal People Faster than Drugs and Alcohol

I am of course talking about political correctness. Are we too politically correct as a nation? Are we too politically correct when we talk about Aboriginal affairs? I think so. There are too many important issues in Aboriginal affairs that I think have been hijacked by the PC gang. Does ‘PC’ stand for ‘Politically Correct’ or ‘Pleasing the Crowd’? Far too often commentators wish to Please the Crowd and avoid talking about the tough issues. And by ‘tough’ I simply means those issues where the Aboriginal people themselves can play a significant role in addressing the problems they face. It is not about blame, it is about solutions. The PC gang permit us to talk about high incarceration rates,

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