We miss you Bill Leak

It was four years ago today that The Australian published a cartoon by the late great Bill Leak reminding us of the sad state that far too many Aboriginal children are in. It was also four years ago today that some sectors of the public expressed their ‘outrage’ at what they believed was a racist depiction of Aboriginal people. But even a casual follower of current events would know that Bill’s cartoon reflected reality then, as it still does today—Aboriginal children are more likely to suffer neglect and abuse than non-Aboriginal children. I wrote about this event on its first anniversary, but felt an update was needed. Other than saying that any accusation of Bill being racist is ridiculou

To Close the Gap, we Need to Stop the Crap

A new Closing the Gap agreement has been put forth, one for which there are high expectations of it being a game changer. While I don’t totally dismiss it, I’m not sure that it will be a game changer. The new approach contains some good ideas, but also some ideas I have concerns about. Maybe this new approach will be like Prime Minister Rudd’s apology? I never opposed the apology, I just never expected it to be the magic bullet the way many predicted it would be. I agree with Linda Burney when, she, along with others, say that what is required now is innovation, urgency, action, and funding. However, there are some underlying assumptions driving the new agreement that I think need considerin

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