Suicide: The Silent Voices

The tragedy of Aboriginal suicide should be enough to give us a shake up and a wake up ... it is encouraging that people are talking about

Victim Brigade

Over the years when discussing Aboriginal affairs, I have often referred to the ‘victim brigade’ (VB). I have been criticised for using this term, among the many other things I am criticised for. And if people want to criticise me for that, then that’s fine. I have had some members of the VB tell me that they take great offence at being labelled as a member of the VB. For Aboriginal members of the VB, they have probably judged me as committing ‘lateral violence.’ Some people are confused and don’t know what I mean when I use the term. So in response to those who don’t know what the VB is, this article is for you. And if you are a VB member and feel that you are going to take offence at this

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